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which reverse engineering software should i use?


New member
Has anybody used pro/scan-tools.if yes then what are the advntages & disadvantages of pro/scan-tools over other reverse engineering softwares like copycad.Also pleaze tell me from where i can find the helping material & tutorials for pro/scan-tools learning other than proe user's guides & help.Should i use pro/scan-tools or other softwares for this purpose .

Thanx in advance

Unless you or your company has a large budget, then don't even consider Copycad. It's very expensive along with many other software packages, Raindrop Geomagic, Rapidform 2001 and etc..the lowest starting price is $7K for a reverse engineering package. Like I said in another post, finding out any information on Pro/Scantools is like finding a marble in the middle of the Sahara least that has been my experience....


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