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Where to store company standard mapkeys


New member
I've created mapkeys for creating parts and drawings from start templates and want now for all users in our company to have access to them.

Do I have the users open the file themselves to run the mapkeys or is there somewhere I can store it where it loads automatically?

Also, do I store them in a config.sup or
store the mapkeys in config pro and put that file in start dir. for each user, then when pro/e start will load the settings, and does matter where will be the working directory.

Try to make one separate folder for icons.
Do you mean by separate folder changing the file to create a new menu pick on the main menu (File, Edit, etc.) or were you referring to something else?
One thing I did was to map the Pro/E shortcut on each user's machine to a DOS batch program on the network. Each time a user started PRO/E by double-clicking the shorcut icon, the batch program copied CONFIG.SUP, CONFIG.WIN, ENGLISH.DTL, and the company standard CONFIG.PRO to the user's startup directory. There may have been a few other config files copied that I just can't remember at this time.

This system is nice because it insures that each user starts with the same basic settings (the settings are imposed at the start of each session).

Consider if you mapped a network drive called G: on each user's machine. Then assume you had a directory called G:\PROE_CONFIGS that contained the files. The basic DOS commands would be:

>COPY G:\PROE_CONFIGS\*.DTL C:\your path name\*.DTL

>COPY G:\PROE_CONFIGS\*.PRO C:\your path name\*.PRO

This requires that Pro/E be installed identically on each machine (e.g. with the same directory structure and local drive designation C:) and requires that each machine use the same letter for the network drive.

Your System Administrator may want to spice it up a bit but these are the basics for implementing such a low-tech (yet effective) system. Of course, if you have INTRALINK or other Pro/E file management utility, that utility may already have this functionality built in.

Oops, I didn't really answer the question. The mapkeys would be placed in the standard CONFIG.PRO file copied from the network drive.



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