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Where do the text styles go?


New member

I got one question that is bothering me for a quite long time. I created text styles for repeated objects in the drawing and later started with new project. Guess what, text styles were not there.

When you create text style, where is it saved? And, which config file contains defaults for view's notes text style?


Jurij Skraba

Create an empty *.drw file and with the command Format>Text Style Gallery create as many fonts styles you want.

You can create also Line fonts gallery. Save this *.drw file to a position you want (I suggest you to save it in the same folder you have file)

there is an option in : template_drawing, click browse and point the software to use the *.drw file you saved before (that has the information about fonts and line styles).

Create a new drawing and see the result.

You can create multiple templates to use for starting a new drawing. of course if you want to load a different template, just when you start the procedure creating a new drawing, uncheck the use template option and form the Specify template, click use template and from below, point the system (from the browse) the template you want to use.

I would like to resurrect this thread. Do text styles only live in drawing templates? Am on Wildfire 5.0.

I'm trying to get the text in a table to appear the same way every time I do a Table > Table From File... instead of going to Default style.


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