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Where are the Catia cheetahs??


Hi Guys

I am disharted by the behaiveor of Catia guys. If any one need to learn Pro/E, come to proe forums and see how the guys from all over the world share their talents and knowledge. There is a lot of stuff available there. I amazed why the catia are not participating here. I like this software and explore a little bit but its terminology and usage of feature is entirely different from all cads. Thats why a begginer need guidelines, even like myself, an expert of Pro/E from more then 7 years. Please share your knowledge and participate here boys.


New member

for ur kind information CATIA users are very less compare to PRO-E due to its high cost.That is d only reason why catia forum is some what like desert.


New member

There are many of us that will share their CATIAV5 knowledge. Here are some examples of free tutorials that I created in reply to questions asked on the CATIA forum.

The tutorial links are: itable&ign_value=mfrhHxKph80%3D&runmode=1 itable&ign_value=M9Z1j51jFpc%3D&runmode=1 itable&ign_value=LdSnGbBzP1Y%3D&runmode=1

There are many other CATIAV5 tutorials at and I recommend that others put similar tutorials up there. Best thing is FREE.


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Thanx a lot Catiatrain

BTW what is your name dear??? I think I must start some sort of challenges as I did in Pro/E Mold design forum. It may pump some new blood in t
his forum.