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Where are the Catia cheetahs??


Hi Guys

I am disharted by the behaiveor of Catia guys. If any one need to learn Pro/E, come to proe forums and see how the guys from all over the world share their talents and knowledge. There is a lot of stuff available there. I amazed why the catia are not participating here. I like this software and explore a little bit but its terminology and usage of feature is entirely different from all cads. Thats why a begginer need guidelines, even like myself, an expert of Pro/E from more then 7 years. Please share your knowledge and participate here boys.

for ur kind information CATIA users are very less compare to PRO-E due to its high cost.That is d only reason why catia forum is some what like desert.

There are many of us that will share their CATIAV5 knowledge. Here are some examples of free tutorials that I created in reply to questions asked on the CATIA forum.

The tutorial links are: itable&ign_value=mfrhHxKph80%3D&runmode=1 itable&ign_value=M9Z1j51jFpc%3D&runmode=1 itable&ign_value=LdSnGbBzP1Y%3D&runmode=1

There are many other CATIAV5 tutorials at and I recommend that others put similar tutorials up there. Best thing is FREE.


Edited by: catiatrain
Thanx a lot Catiatrain

BTW what is your name dear??? I think I must start some sort of challenges as I did in Pro/E Mold design forum. It may pump some new blood in t
his forum.


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