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When is coming ProE 2002 ?


New member
On usenet (comp.cad.proengineer) someone somewhere said that He (or She) is foing on presentation of new ProE version. Is it true, when is it going out or do you have some presentations or screenshots of new GUI??

PTC will debut Pro/E 2002 pre-release version at the Pro/E Users Conference in Atlanta the week of June 9, 2002. They will be offering 2002 update training there. You can probably arrange for a pre-released version sometime after that. I imagine it will still be several months before the commercial version comes out.
There are betas around already.

It has a new interface called dashboard that eliminates the menu manager. Yes that means new mapkeys for everyone.

The current buest guess date for the US production release is early November... but that is only if everything works well... later if things need to be fixed. A limited beta version was released at the Users conference that gave a flavor for the new interface for modeling and assembly. You can get some more info on the wildfire release along with interface shots at also some tutorials are on line there.

The 2nd SneekPeek version of Wildfire is now available for download from the PTC web site.

(Providing that you've got an active maintenance agreement and are entitled to Pro/Engineer updates)...
This isn't the production release. Nor is it the pre-production version. It is a limited distribution of Wildfire that has some restrictions in it's use...

Here's some of the blurb that accompanies the release...

With the Sneak Peek 2 release you can check out some of the changes to Pro/ENGINEER that



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