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What mechanism to use?


New member
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Hi I have a rack for used inan industry project. Itwill beused forstoring metal pipes that will be brought for cutting afterwards. There are a total of 6 levels of trays, each tray is inclined at a certain angle, and at the ends of each tray, there are tworods that are pneumatically operated. At the sides of the rack(the green part), there are sensory devices at each level.


I need to design aMECHANISM such that it will bring up an empty tray linearly to the selected level of tray. And when the sensor at each level sensed the presence of the empty tray, it will trigger the two pueumatic rods downwards. And it cause onesingle metal pipeto roll onto the empty tray one at a time. After which, thepneumatic rod is extended to stop the second pipe from rolling.Next, the MECHANISM will be activated again and bringing the tray which contains the one single metal rod down to the initial level. Finally, the rodundergoes machining.

I need to design a MECHANISM that can be implemented in this process. Does anyone have any idea on which type ofMECHANISM can be implemented? If yes! Iwould be glad if you can provide some ideas or pictures on how this MECHANISM could be implemented.

Thanks for your kind attention and I hope to receiveyour guidance as soon as possible.


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My apologies if I am missing something, but I think you may
be making the problem more difficult than it need be.

What you