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What is wrong with this?


New member
Hello guys

I have just spent some time lately dealing a little w ith Catia. Since I am Pro\E user some Catia behaviour looks for me strange. Like this one:


I tried to make an extrude from mid plane to outter surf. I picked option "Up to surface" but Catia refused to do that?

I noticed that when whole profile of sketch was contained in surf size, no problem, but when wasn`t, then Catia reports problems

So in the end I use this surf as surface for placing the sketch but this is not what I wanted to achieve

what is wrong?
Use Up To Plane

If u use up to surface, the sketch profile (as projection) must lie on the surface.
When is limited by a surface (at limit 1 or 2) the pad will take the surface shape.
thx dude

I `ve solved this case some time ago within a little help from a friend who is involved with Catia in his job.

I should post solution here after that, I still do not know why haven`t I done that.

Anyway, I `ve stoped learning Catia after few weeks. Time conditions works against me considering learnig Catia. I am Pro\E involved all day long.

I am sure I gonna step back again to dive with Catia. This software manage few things in much better manner than Pro\E(creating views in drawing, bolean operation within solids[Part appraoch]). In parrarell Catia lacks of some obvious in Pro\e functionality like dynamic preview for drafts(I do not like how Catia manage this stuff), or sketcher is for me way better in Pro\E.


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