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What happened to the jobs?


New member
I searched for Pro/E work in Pittsburgh, PA and 1 opening came up? How is the job market for Pro/E Contractors in the US today?


New member
Are you related to Rip Van Winkle been sleeping for a while? Like most jobs unless you are willing to move decent jobs are scarce and hard to come by. There are contract jobs out there but most I have come across are short term. I have been keeping a watch on the Cad Jobs, (do searches across the US on Monster, Careerbuilder, Etc) for ProE jobs, Unigraphics Jobs, and SolidWorks Jobs, and for about the past 1 1/2 there seems to be around 300 jobs for ProE, 200 for UG, and anwhere from 150-500 jobs for Solidworks people on each site. SolidWorks jobs seem to fluctuate really bad, don't ask me why it is strange. It took me 16 months of hard looking in the region I am in and that was when I was still working to get my current full time position, I did come across many (at least a dozen) of contract jobs but most were 30-90 days. I have kept in touch with a few Headhunters and they are still saying if you can stay put do so since the market is a little better but it still stinks...


New member
I have been activly looking for the last 6 months. Worked for two weeks. PA seems to be a little bit better than the rest of th US but only one or two active positions. You will find that most of the openings are in California and Texas. The rest of us are in it deep, are you unemployed?


New member
No, fortunately, I am not unemployed. I was just surprised when doing a job search for the Pittsburgh, PA area, I came up with 1 opening. A sign of the times?


New member
I keep a watch here in Utah. The market here is looking better. I have also seen a lot of contract jobs here as well. The pay is low though.


New member
speaking of jobs, i'm a new pro e user, who is looking to gain job experience. i've taken a few classes and have an understanding for part creation, drawings, and assembily's. i am employed full time now, but don't get a chance to use pro e much. i would love to find a weekend or night job where i could work with other people who have experience and are willing to offer advice. can anyone out there help with advice on this?




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