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What does the Snapshot function do under VIEWS>MODIFY VIEWS?



I am learning Pro-E's drawing functions, just wondering what the Snapshot function does under the VIEWS>MODIFY VIEWS menu in Pro2001. Also when exporting dxf and dwg the views seem to turn out better. Anyone know why this is?

Any help appreciated!

The snapshot command converts a view to 2D sketch entities (lines, arcs, text) and deletes the 3D view.

It's handy for cutting the file size, or freezing a view of a model / assembly - but beware - it will no longer update when the 3D model changes (it is a snapshot of one moment).

Snapshot views are similar to DXFs (lines & arcs) - that's probably why they're better.

Snapshot actually creates draft entities in Pro/E terminology.

One tip, group your entities after the snapshot...


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