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WF2: Common name


New member
This week we started with Wildfire 2.0, from 2001.So a lot of question arise.

When starting a new part, assembly or drawing, you can give your part besides the name a Common Name. What is this? What can you do with it?
Nothing in de help section about this Common Name.
Does it has sometingto do with Intralink? We don't have or useIntralink.
And: can you turn it off? A config option maybe?



New member
Hello Huug !!

What I heard is PTC looking for what Microsoft is going to to do in the future.

Something that they will skip the use of filenames and use a internal database
with name, number and a "common name" the use would then be for PDMLink even though I personally is not "very" happy about this.....

To my understanding you will not be able to turn this off.....

Best regards



New member
Actually the common name is not necessary if you don't use Windchill.....and Windchill is a P.D.M. , any component must have a common name using windchill.

Take care



here is a fresh answer (6-jan-05), that comes directly from PTC :

In Pro/ENGINEER, "Common Name" field simply creates a new parameter called "PTC_COMMON_NAME". The use of this parameter comes in Data Management.

"Common Name" is a user friendly name for a Pro/ENGINEER object. In data management systems, where an object must be unique in its domain, same file name cannot be given to multiple objects. Instead of "bolt.prt", the part is generally given a unique identifier (e.g., "112334334.prt"). This is where "Common Name" comes in. When the user creates a new object, a unique file name ("112334334") is entered, either by the user or assigned by Windchill. The user can then enter a more descriptive "Common Name" (e.g. "1/4-20 hex bolt"). When the new object is checked into Windchill, "Common Name" maps automatically to the CAD Document Name (which is the user friendly identifier for a CAD Document, and is not subject to uniqueness rules).

For Wildfire 2.0 Common Name is used for data management only. For Wildfire 3.0 (or beyond), it is planned that the "Common Name" will have more applicability in the Pro/ENGINEER User Interface.



New member
Since the common name is a parameter, you can use this name to report in your BOM a name with spaces and characters that the file name doesn`t accept.
Very handy if you utilize different .prt files to describe the same part or same type of part.

For example, you model a bolt but have it modeled differently to show different manufacturing states:

bolt01.prt : PTC_COMMON_NAME = 1/4-20 BOLT

bolt01a.prt : PTC_COMMON_NAME = 1/4-20 BOLT

bolt01b.prt : PTC_COMMON_NAME = 1/4-20 BOLT

as you can see, by using the PTC_COMMON_NAME you gain some advantage in BOM's and PDM's.