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WF1 or WF2


New member
I have a loaded question..

Of the people who have used WF1 and WF2, especially with Ilink 3.3, which is more stable?

PTC says that WF2 is much more stable but I guess I like a second opinion



Active member
WF 2.0 M050 is more stable than its prevoius releases. I have used WF 1.0 M150

and it seems that WF 2.0 is more stable. BTW Pro/Engineer 2001 datecode 2004290 is the most stable but the hill of difference between th interfaces. So we have shifted to WF 2.0 now.



New member
WF2 is much more stable and capable than WF1.

We have been on WF1 since it was available with many problems in the early days.

Our users have extensively tested WF2 and cannot wait to upgrade, as they see many new enhancements and less crashing.

We will convert to WF2 (M050)+ Ilink 3.4 (F001)+ PV 7 (M020) on 11/1/04.

Go ahead, you won't be sorry.