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WF 2.0: How to change a protr to a cut?


New member
In WF 1.0, by clicking on the particular model feature in the model tree, right click on edit definition, then press the button to remove material. Nofuss at all, easy.

Now in WF 2.0 that button (remove material) is now greyed out when you try to edit definition, its not available. And you can't redefine a protrusion to a cut.

To change a cut to a protrusion, no problem. Just like WF 1.0.

So how do you do it? Any help appreciatted.



New member
It is supposed to be the same in WF2 and it works for me

Maybe some unclear intent with the feature itself?


New member
check how are you defining that protr. meaning, up next/blind,etc. tyr to change from one to another, it could help.
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