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Went to the NEPUG meeting


New member
To see a few great demoes and to see the Wildfire 3.0 offerings.

First time I ever went to the PTC headquarters and I was impressed. You would never think they were going through a bad time with money. The funniest thing I saw was lots of people with either nice suits or dresses with dark tans, definitely sales and marketing people.

The Wildfire 3.0 presentation was handled by a gentleman name Netesh Gohill, really nice guy who didn't shy away from any bad questions and gave real me real answers not the standard PTC I get back to you answer.

He talked about most of the changes in Wildfire 3.0, which looked really good, but he also talked about what's to come in Wildfire 4.0 and alittle beyond. I thought that was really cool.

It seems they did alot more work on patterning what's called Projection and Orientation of Filled patterns, where you could pick on a contoured surface and select (the example they had was a hairbrush brissell sp?) the feature to pattern and the features will pattern by the u & v of the surface. really slick.

They also seemed to fix the stupid cancellation problem in feature/sketcher where if you want to back out of a feature creation it's like 6 picks to do so, all you have to do pick a red X on the feature box and your out. Yeah!

One cool thing is they finally came out with a shape palette that has some 26 different shapes and you could create you own put it in a directory in the loadpoint,when you're in Pro you will see a tab of that directory and all your own saved sections in there.

Copy/Paste has its own clipboard and assy mode and sweptblend are gui updated.

Netesh said the Pre Production will be out within 2 months and Production could be end of summer.

I left there feeling really good about the future products coming out. I've been dealing with PTC for a long time, it's like they fired all the old early and mid 90's staff and replaced them with people that hsve brains and personalities that don't try to b.s. you. I don't mean to be harsh though

If you are reading this Netesh thanks for the great presentation.

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New member

I would argue all theearly peoplewere the ones with the brains. They were there when propaganda ran rampant, sales were as easy as it comesand the stock price was riding high. They got out with millions....dare I say the name Payne?

All the"brains" get to do today is update an existing product architectureto be Happily Windows friendly. I give the trailblazers of the late 80's and 90's high marks. They were the smart ones.

my .02


New member

I thought they mentioned bringing back DOF but that section of the conversation was very quick and i was trying to write everything I could down. They mentioned about you could nest not just the datum but a series of items in a feature and I think exclude them from the feature if you wanted to delete the feature and keep the datums and/or axis etc.

They did confirm shaded views in drawing mode is in WF 3


New member
Moroso said:
They did confirm shaded views in drawing mode is in WF 3
Cool. Thanks for the preview.

There's one thing that still occasionally bites me: I'll forget to define a feature as a surface (vs. solid) before going into Sketcher and then have to do some fiddling to get out of Sketcher without losing the geometry, re-define as a surface, go back into Sketcher and undo the fiddling.... Still the same?

Think I've read that there's more support for using model annotations in drawing views. Anyone able to comment?


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The instructor was so pressed for timehe glanced over alot of things, he didn't even start the software.

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question Jeff.