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welds in mechanica


New member
Does anyone have an idea of how to simulate welds in Pro/Mechanica. I tried using the Pro/Welding application but I am stuck at the "Light Trajectory Weld path". Any help would really be appreciated.


Active member
Welds are there in integrated Mechanica mode. Following welds are available:

End Weld

Perimeter Weld

Spot Weld

Pro/Welding does not work in Mechanica.



New member
Yeah I tried doing that too, but the problem is I got the same results with the welds and without the welds in place.

I tried to offset the mating part, and the analysis failed on me. Any sample tutorials available online.

BTW I created the butt weld joint in welding application and performed analysis in Mechanica, it did work.


New member
HI Israr:

Thanks for your help. I am fairly new to Pro/ E and Mechanica. Now I tried ot run the analysis with your shell model withouth the welds, and ran the analysis with the end welds and the perimeter welds. I got the exact same results.

If I go to Welding application in Pro/E and create the fillet welds and butt welds, I need to put a gap in between those two extrusions, unles it wont do it. But the problem then is I cant run the analysis on that model.

Thank you in advance.


New member
Pro/e Weld

I found this post a little bit old, but I have similar issue.

I need to create (and later to simulate) welded construction in Pro/E.
I created the weldings, with the suitable material, but when I try to simulate them, all weldings are meshed with shells and I cant understand the ressults. In the following webpage I enclose some additional information. However, if further information is needed I could provide it.

Mechanical engineering other topics - Creo Elements and Welding (FEM)

Thanks in advance


This is the solution. Your assembly has following faults:

The first component is not fully constrained.

There is no need of gap for fillet and butt welds.

Just run the analysis and see the results.