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Web-Link, J-Link and Pro-E


New member
Can anybody help me with the procedure for setting up Web-link and J-link with Proe ? Which version of JSDK, JRE, JFC are required ? What are the environment settings required ?

A detailed step-by-step procedure will be of immense help.

The documentation in Proe is not exhaustive. It says Jlink will

work with Java 1.1.5 and not with 1.0 and 2.0. i am currently using Pro-E 2001 on Windows 2000 Professional on a Pentium IV PC.
There isn't any special setup for Web.Link. If you installed it when you installed Pro/ENGINEER, it will work. Just be sure to set your four web-link security settings under Utilities > Pro/Web.Link > Set Access Permissions. There are also options to set these permissions by default.

J-Link is very similar. The ability to run a J-Link application gets installed when Pro/ENGINEER gets installed. All the special setup is for creating those J-Link applications.

All the instructions say is to use any Java version 1.1.x where x is greater than or equal to 5. Java build 1.2 is Java 2.0. Java 1.0.x is Java 1.0. The last build of 1.1.x is 1.1.8_16. Download it from here:

JDK is the Java Development Kit. JRE is only the Java Runtime Environement, not the development environment. If you are creating J-Link applications, use the JRE. If you are running previously created J-Link applications, you will need the JRE.

in my weblink directory webconnect.class is not install.

tell me how to install weblink properly
Web.Link is an optional installation component when installing Pro/ENGINEER. Look under the APIs on the same page were you set the installation directory for Pro/ENGINEER.

I don't have a class called webconnect.class. I do have a class named ProCONNECT.class. What version of Pro/ENGINEER are you running? What web browser are you using? The installed Web.Link classes have never been an issue for me. What made you look for this class specifically? Is it giving an error?
Hello, I have installed pro/weblink in my computer, also I installed Netscape but still not runing,

I was adding the enviroment variables, but when I try to conct to proe, send this message

document.pwl.pwlProEngineerStartAndConnect is not a function

I'm wondering if there is something missing that I did not do