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Warp solid to surface


New member
Icreated a surface defining the outer contour of my part. I'm trying to design the individual parts to match the contour of the surface. For example, the part has a honeycomb core which is manufactured as a flat sheetof honeycomb and then laid in place to match the contour of the part. If I do a sweep, the part has curvature and thecuts won't be normal to the surface. I would like to design the part flat and then warp it, but it seems to only allow freehand. Is there any way to warp a solid to a surface? Does anyone have any suggestions for a better way to approach this? I don't have ISDX.


New member
If I'm getting the right impression....

I'd simply offset the the existing surface to create the core, additional inner plys, etc., then flatten if it's actually a developable part. Don't need ISDX to do any of that if you're using WF (Pro/Surface?).