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warning: part has references to generic assembly


New member
does anyone knows what's the meaning of this warning message? i understand the we have the generic and instances thing in family table. but i don't create any family table here. but what i know here is that i've made a lot of changes and quite a number of times using 'save as' from the start to the current state of my project. the assembly mentioned in the warining is a big one and it take long time to regenerate.

thanks in advance..
Sounds like one of your parts was somehow modified in the assembly and now references an assembly feature. The part could have been created in the assembly and is now associated to the assembly. The way to find out is to call up the part and choose Info, Global Reference Viewer. The Global reference viewer will show you what references were chosen in the assembly. Double click the part name in the top pane of the Global Reference Viewer to show Parent/Child relationships of the part. You might have to redefine one of the parts features in the assembly to dissassociate the assemblies referenced geometry.
I get that message from some of my assemblies, and in some cases it is not a problem but in others it is (depended on the complexity of the reference structure).

I believe it occurs when part instances are included in assembly family table instances and have a reference to the assembly. It can be resolved by adding a ref to the part family table that tells it to look at the specific assembly instance that it occurs in. The ref option is available in the add column feature of the family table.


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