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Warning Message in Pro

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What does this warning message mean when an assembly model is first opened up:

(The little yellow triangle with the black exclamation point precedes this verbiage) WARNING: Datum (internal ID = 162) of assembly 43036 has been frozen.

Is it really cause for concern?


Brad Hacker

Zebra Tecnnologies Corp.


Add columns to your model tree to see your Feature # and Feature ID. This should help you find the datum plane.

View > Model Tree Setup > Column Display

You can also use Edit > Find in Model Tree to do a search.


New member
It means feature with ID 162 no longer can be placed. It is frozen where it's last known placement was. Someone who previously had the assembly chose to freeze it instead of placing it properly. The feature might be associated with a component placement. Do a Info/feature info/feature ID 162. If it is related to a component, redefine the component.

Pro/ENGINEER will freeze an assembly component if the component is unable to be placed into the assembly due to missing references. References may be lost if a part is modified without the assembly in session. If surfaces or edges which were used to place a component were altered or deleted, the component will have missing references. Frozen components will be placed in its last known location until Reroute or Redefine is used to create new references for the component.


New member
i'm also have a hard time dealing with these warning messages.. one question is when will proe goes to resolve mode or freeze the part when there's missing reference?? another warning message that freaks me out is part ABC.prt has reference to generic assembly XYZ.asm... anybody knows what does this mean?? it seems like regeration pauses for a while at this message before proceeding..


If an assembly component is missing a reference, you should get dumped into resolve mode to fix the failure.

As far as I can tell, there are two exceptions to this:

1) If you select an assembly in your workspace and choose the 'open' function from within Pro/I. In this case, objects that can not be located will be automatically suppressed.

2) If you use the option freeze_failed_assy_comp yes, failed components will automatically be frozen when the assembly is opened from disk.

-Brian Adkins
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