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want to find a animation’s book


New member
I would recommend looking up tutorials on "Mechanism" first and once you can understand that all of your servos, conections etc will atuomaticall transfer into Animate..

there is loads of stuff there on mechanism.. do a search on the forum and if you are still having problems, put up another post and maybe we can help some more!

once you have the mechanisms set up, alll you need to do is to set up your camera in animate.

if you have a maintenace account I would recommend takign a look at the webcasts in the educational rescource library at PTC.com

hope this helps,



Active member

There is no book available on Pro/Animate. The only book on mechanisms is by CADQUEST.



New member
thanks everybody ,I think,I will learn from "Mechanism" first. In the future,if still have problems,also need toyour help.