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Views shifting when parts are supressed


New member
I am currently working on a decal installation drawing for a large
piece of equipment. To make this drawing I am going to make several
snapshots (using phantom display mode) of the entire machine and then
place a view of the decals over the snapshot. I'm doing this because
the piece of equipment is huge and I don't want it to take forever to
open the file.

Anyway, I have made my snapshots of the main assembly, grouped the
draft entities of each snapshot, and then related each group to a view
of the decal installation model. At this point I need to remove the
main assemblies from the decal installation model, but every time I do
this it makes the decals move all over the place in the drawing. Does
anyone have any idea what would make a view shift around even though
the part in the view has not shifted in the model?


The overall size of the view has changed when you delete the machine and views are placed relative to what Pro/E thinks is the origin. Change the view origin to an edge of the decal & it will stop moving.
Edited by: dr_gallup