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New member
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to set up a viewer so that other people in our company who are not using PRO/E can view, print or generate tiff files. I tried using Product View Express from PTC, but it shows all the files and an inexperienced user could pick the wrong one. Purging the whole system would take me a while - would anyone know of a way around this? Is there any other free viewer that you know about?

Thank you, Mihai.


New member
When you find one, let me know. I could not get Product View Express to even open, so I never treid it.


New member
There are many free viewers available in the market.As you have already ruled out Product View Express,you could try edrawings from Solidworks


New member
We have done this differently. We (the designers) convert all released drawings to TIFF and place them in an archive. In this archive we grant view-access to "all the other people" that need to see the info. This ensures they never make a mistake in choosing the correct rev on ProE drawing and/or model, the TIFFis a dead format and we chose for them.

The conversion could be made semi-automatic using mapkeys. In our case we use intralinkand a trigger(a small program that reacts to predefined actions)converts the drawing upon release, so it is now fully automatic. We are very happy with the solution.

If your "other users" need to see the 3D data, you have the above mentioned and also Product View (not express). This will cost you however.

Third option is to export 3D data to vrml and install a vrmlviewer as a browserplugin.


New member
eDrawings is not a bad option and there is free download on ptc.com...see this link -http://www.ptc.com/appserver/mkt/products/home.jsp?k=3208

If you use Intralink, you can automate this as caddie suggests. We have a products likeeTrigger and eAccessthat output 2D viewables (eg PDFs, TIFFs...), eDrawings, Actify files, ProductView filesand lots of other deliverables.

No matter, you should make sure your process controls what you are sharing, when it's being shared, and with whom.

Hope this helps.



New member
hi mihai,

Our company has been using edrawings even before I joined as a newcomer.I feel it is a good s/w as it has various options like measurement,mass props,dynamic sectional views etc(which even proe doesnt offer).The most amazing feature is that the edrawing file extremely lightweight that is a 1mb proe file would be probably around 10 kb.
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