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Video Card Upgrade


New member
I am working on Wildfire including ProMechanica. I must upgrade my video card. Since my existing motherboeard restricts me only to AGP 4X, I am thinking about NVIDIA Quadro4 -750 XGL with 128 MB. Would somebody have experience with it? Is it stable? Your help will be much appreciated.

Thanks. Val


New member
The Nvidia cards are recommended for Wildfire. I had to switch to one to make it work faster. The ATI card would do 2001 but would dog out with wildfire.



New member
We were using the 750XL cards with 2001 and had to throw them out with WF, performance was terrible. Switched them out for Wildcat VP870 cards which are not approved but way better than the 750 and cheap, under $350. If you have the money to spend ($1,000 +) there is nothing better than the Wildcat 6110 or 7110.


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