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Vibration analysis in Mechanica



Granted, I've had a few beers this evening - I'm trying to perfom a surface vibration analysis on a 3x3 cube at 90KHz. any ideas on how to set this up would be accomplished would be greatly appreciated.

I've looked at other postings, and haven't quite found what I'm looking for.

You nee to run a contraint modal analysis that need to include mode beyond your frequency of interest may be 100KHz. Then create a point measure to calculate the acceleration in the location you will place the accelerometer in the real test. Use the results from the modal analysis to run a frequency analysis using the default uniform force function. Plot the measure and you can calculate what is the acceleration at givem point. If you want to isolate the results for the 90Khz then create a table that containts two point which are above and below 90khz specified zero for this two points and the given G value for the 90Khz. I hope you can make some sense of this intructions.




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