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very slow graphics in drawing mode


New member
We are running proe on Windows 2000 boxes and all our files are stored in a Unix box. We access the files using Widnows' Sevices for Unix 2.0 software. We always have very slow graphics in drawing mode. Pannng, zooming takes forever. This problem happens only when our working directory is in the Network drive (Unix box). Once we change our working directory back to anywhere in C:\, the problem is eliminated.

One more thing, I notice when I pan and zoom the drawing the network icon (in the system tray) keep flashing which means proe is accessing the network during pan and zoom. Why does it do that and how can i prevent it from happening. I asked PTC and all they say is we cannot reproduce this issue. blah blah blah.... so please help me!!!!..
i'm not sure how unix systems work.... i would have suggested a better graphics card to eliminate your problems, but you say that it runs fine in win2000.
i checked my own server and linked mine to the unix system. it doesn't have any perfomance changes. i think there is something wrong with your system. sorry, but i don't know what the problem could be.
If you don't specify the path for trail files, I think they get written to the working directory? (Check documentation). This causes performance degredation when set to anything but local.

Also, truetype fonts will bog down drawings.
Can you work on hdd which is controlled by Windows- it obviously that you have problem in your compatibility


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