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Vertical Dimensions


New member
I am using Pro-e Wildfire 2.0 and I was needing to know if their is a way to put in vertical drawing dimensions where the dimension text is alignedverticially but not on all the vertical dimensions I need to do this to only certian ones. I know that I can change the drawing setup so that dimensions are shown vertical or horzional but in this case I need both. If anyone know of a way to do this I would appericate any input.

Thank You


All the drawing setup settings affect the entire drawing, you can not change dimensions one at a time. Just use the ISO setting that lets you have dimension text aligned with the dimension (vertical text on vertical dimensions). It makes much better looking drawings than the ANSI standard.


RMB/Properties/Drawing Options

You have to make numerous changes to completely change between the standards but for what you want change this one:

Set text_orientation to iso_parallel_diam_horiz


New member
hi dans,

out of curiosity iam asking this. y do you need to change a particular dimension to be aligned vertically while others are aligned horizontally?

can u tell us if you dont mind.