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Vault with Pro-E


New member
This is probably a long-shot, but has anyone ever tried managing Pro-E objects using Autodesk's Vault?

While our engineers are usingWF 2.0andIntralink 3.3 for the design side, our production guys are considering adopting Inventor because they all hate Pro-E. We'd like to get all of our data under one PDM "roof", but Ilink apparently won't handle Inventor drawings, but supposedly Vault will handle Pro-E. The Autodesk claims that it has most of the same capabilities as Ilink but I am skeptical.

Can anyone lendtheir opinions, or share their experience? Thanks!
It's been a while since this message was posted, but in case anyone would still be interested...

IntraLink 3.3 won't handle Inventor drawings, but you may consider moving to IntraLink 9, that will handle pretty much anything you throw at it. We're also using WF 2 and ILink 3.3 and we have plenty of inventor users, so we're moving to IntraLink 9 (windchill) and wf 4 to close the gap at data management. For us, the Autodesk solution was not considered as a viable option, but I can't tell you why as it analyzed and decided before I joined the company.
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