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VarSecSweep: 2001 vs WF2


New member
I have a problem creating variable section sweep in WF2 in the way I used to in 2001. Obviously, I misinterpret the point in 2001 and was doing it all wrong. My interpretation wasvariable section sweep is a tool for creating feature with variable section on thepredefined or sketched trajectory. In 2001, I would create trajectory, then define sections on that trajectory using predefined datum points or trajectory (curve) end points.

Now, my question is, how to do that in WF2. All tutorials I've read describe VarSecSweep as a tool to create feature with one leading curve as a trajectory and one or more curves as limitingcurves of the sweep.

But how to create feature with trajectory andtwo or more sections, defined on that trajectory?


Active member
very simple, create different sketches, atleast two. Now slecct the one you want to be the trajectory and then click on the vss icon to the right. After this select the rest of the sketches. The result will be variable section sweep.

ofcourse you need to have the concept of vss first.

It can't be easier than this in Wildfire 2.0, and I would say, if you don't make a WOW sound then you are very hard to impress.



New member
<?:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" />OK, let's do this step by step. First I create trajectory sketch and two sketches of sections (SECTION1 and SECTION2). Then I select trajectory and VarSecSweep Tool icon. And then what. If I add sections (SECTION1and SECTION2)using CTRL+click, nothing hapens that is Pro/E doesn't display preview of the feature and allow me to finish it. I can only sketch section using Create or Edit Section icon. The question is how to select the rest of the sketches. Maybe it's dumb, but I can't figure that variable section sweep out.</v:shape>

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