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Variable pitch helical sweep


New member
This is really dumb!

In a variable pitch helical sweep, Pro/e 2001 lets me get to the pitch graph, but I can't remember how to add points and pitch data. Nothing I do lets me in. I am working on a new reload following a total rebuild and help is not working right now!

any suggestions?


New member
In the sketcher view you need to add points to your sweep trajectory. Just use the point tool and click on the line. Then when you are defining the pitch values, select Add point on the popup menu. Now click on any new point you created and enter the pitch value. You can always alter the pitch value but you need to select modify (or change, i can't remember which) then click on the point you want to alter.

Also, your initial and final pitch values need to be non-zero. Otherwise ProE won't let you go to the pitch graph.

Hope this helps.



New member
Thanks, Jason, that was the clue I needed. The points have to picked in the sketcher environment, not the graph environment!