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Value from Analysis in Pro/E


New member
Help me

Where find I temporary value from Analysis - Measure in Pro/E ? Where is this value ? I have more that one measure - for example Analysis - Measure - Distance and I need use these values. ( I need automatically create a table from these values)


there is no way to grab those values. You can only write down on paper the result or copy it in anexcel form and import it into pro/e.
change the option allow_anatomic_features to YES.

You will now have a Datum Evaluate featue. Theis feature can store several types of measures. Distances is one of them. Once you create this feature you can access it's values.
The best way is to have BMX, Behavioral Modeler. With BMX you can create a datum analysis features which can hold most of the analysis values like cg, mass, surface area, etx. these are then available to you to use in other features and optimizations.
Actually, you can grab the values. If you have BMX, it's real easy. If not, a datum evaluate feature will do. Let's assume you have BMX. It's called an Analysis Feature.

Create your measurement as you would normally do. In the measurement dialog box, click ADD FEATURE. This makes an an analysis feature in your model tree. Lets assume you accept the default name ANALYSIS1. View the feature info for this feature. You will find it has the feature name and measurement (param) name. If you created a distance measurement, the default feature name is ANALYSIS1, and the default measurement (param) name is DISTANCE.

To grab the value, create a parameter called DIST1 (or whatever you like). Create a relation like this:


Regenerate the part or assembly. Now you can call up the parameter DIST1 whenever and wherever you want.
Em... dear RedTide, could you provide more details on the creation of parameter to hold the value?

I have tried to crete a part parameter of type real number and named DIST1. I also have an analysis feature ANALYSIS1 of type distance. However, Pro/E kept on telling me that my relation (DIST1 = DISTANCE:ANALYSIS1) is wrong. Why?

Thanks for the answer ;)
you may need to use the syntax


To clarify, this is read as...

the new variable DIST1 is equal to the parameter DISTANCE as calculated in ANALYSIS1

Redtides syntax should work too but I remembe there being bugs in earlier releases. They both work in the current release.


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