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V 20 TIFF File Creation


New member
I have 2 issues with creating tiff files from Pro/E ver. 20.

1. When creating a tiff file of a drawing, I follow all the stanadard steps - to file etc. On the first drawing, it creates the file without a problem (A1 - LH Part). When creating the the tiff file for the 2nd drawing (A0 - RH Part) it appears to create the file without any problems, but when I view the file the image appears blank, can anyone help?

2. Is there a way to create a single tiff file of a multiple sheet drawing. I have tried the single file option, but when I view the file it only shows the last sheet, any ideas?


Hello my friend

Here is my answer to your topics.

It is not imposimple to export a multipuple sheet drawing to a single tiff file, and it is not Pro/E matter. How it is possiple one tiff file to have multiple tiff's inside ?

For the second issue i have a tip to submit :

When creating tiff files from a drawing, exporting the image will give a poor image file. Another method that will give better results is using Print; in the dialog window, choose add printer type and tiff, rather than print to file. This will give a rather large file, to prevent this set option taking tiff_compression to G4.




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