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Using Swept blend to Make a Simple Sweep


New member
I ran into a problem with Pro E that wouldn't let me use some of my 3D trajectories. Someone made the suggestion that I use the swept blend option. I have never used the swept blend option and would like someone to tell me how to use it in order to do a simple sweep. Thank you in advance.
Actually, I think I figured out how to use the Swept Blend. I just used the same cross-section twice. I hope I did this right....

I have another problem though. I supressed my first cross-section so it wouldn't get in the way of my sketching plane. I created the second cross-section and then tried to resume the first feature. It gave me an error that I couldn't resolve (couldn't generate the construction). The second cross-section is really thin compared to the whole bridge I am modelling. Is this just something that I can't fix because Pro E can't handle something so detailed?


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