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using strings


New member
I have a problem and I was hoping some one could help me resolve it

I made a rather large assembly that includes a large number of family table instances. I also created a string of information that I am implementing into each part. The reason for this is to be able to easily create tables and template information. the string looks like this
"enter part number"
"enter material"
"enter machine title"
I am creating drawings now and ran into a problem. the string will only work in the generic model of the family table and this does not allow me to individually add this string to each instance which becomes a rather large problem due to the fact that after applying a region to a table I can not add information manually. If some one has a resolve to this scenario please reply.
At this point I have come to a dead end and am thinking I might have to replace all my instances with a part which is going to end up consuming a very large amount of time.
thank you


New member
I have updated family table info in a drawing by using modify object and picking the cell in the table that contains parameter info.

The generic part has to have the parameter in the family table. Each instance parameter can be set to something like (TBD) edit using excel.

The parameter value in the generic part should be set to generic.

This parameters can then be updated in the drawing using modify object allowing each instance to be modifiable at a later time.