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Using shrinkwrap as a part into a new assembly.


New member
How can I make a shrinkwrap part to use it in an assembly?

I know how to create a shrinkwrap feature in an assembly but I don


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We use shrinkwrap parts in our larger assemblies to speed up quick check working and also to supply for marketing, etc. Basically, all the sub-assemblies are shrinkwrapped to parts, and then used in the overall assembly.

If that is what you need, I can e-mail an instruction sheet to you.

This method means that you have to carry an extra (shrinkwrapped) part in your storage system, alongside the actual assembly, but can drastically reduce the re-gen times.


New member
The process for making a Shrinkwrap part (Pro 2001):

1. Start a new Pro/E startup part

2. You have the option of calling up the part/assy you want to shrinkwrap in session (I prefer in session)

3. In the new part, choose Insert > Shared Data > Shrinkwrap from Other Model (Select or open your part/assy)

4. Choose default as the default insertion point.

5. Dependent upon quality, leave the default level as 1 for quality level or raise it. Depends upon your needs. Leave the rest of the options as is. The Auto Hole Filling option will not only fill holes, but impressions in the part.

6. After choosing OK from the attributes menu, scroll the Options menu to the bottom and choose Independent if you don't want the original part referenced. The default is Dependent. Dependent would update the Shrinkwrap if the original part changes and is in memory.

On a test assembly, the File > Save a Copy > Shrinkwrap produced a Pro/E Shrinkwrap part of 14mb. Using the above procedure produced a Pro/E Shrinkwrap part of 1.4mb. There is a major difference in the output.

Assemble your Shrinkwrap part.


New member
Thank you all who responded.

I used the guidance you gave me and solved my problem.




Active member

You can also think of using simplified reps instead of shrinkwraps. But the purpose of using both is different a bit.



New member
Do you have to have the Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX) to use the shrinkwrap capabilities? If so, how much does that cost approximately? We just got Wildfire 2.0 and so far all i seeis the option to create a shrinkwrap feature in the assembly, but seems worthless without the option of importing it into a part file.


New member
You can use shrinkwraps without AAX, at least for some things. If the intended use is assembly performance one way is to use it within an Envelope. Create an Envelope part, create shrinkwrap features in the Envelope, create a Simp Rep that uses the Envelope. Something along those lines. I don't remember if there's enough in Help to get you started but have seen tutorials floating around on the web.


In wildfire 2.0, you have the option to Save As shrinkwrap without AAX. It has the same options as the the 2001 detailed above.


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> In wildfire 2.0, you have the option to Save As shrinkwrap without AAX. It has the same options as the the 2001 detailed above.

But in that case shrinkwrap part isn't associative, so you have to always replace it with the newly created in case any changes occur on the original.


New member
Thanks everyone for your help.

I was unaware that you could SAVE AS shrinkwrap, and even though it isn't associative, it is good enough for what we need it for.