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Using REPLACE command in wildfire ASSY mode


New member
I am working with a rather large assy and need to make a new version which will have many changes new assy's...The frame of this machine I have to replace with a COPY so I can redesign it some, so I did save copy THEN in original file of master assy I use REPLACE command to swap out the old frame with the new copy

my problem is I lose all placements with other parts that are attached to the frame and have to redo all placements (major hassle) I doing this wrong or is there a better way?


When you do the Replace, there is an option there for By Copy which will automatically create the new model as well as swap it out with no regeneration problems.

If your part is used in more than one assembly, and you have Intralink, perform an Object/Duplicate from your workspace instead. Intralink will create the new model/drawing and also give you the option to automatically swap out the old for the new in any parent assemblies currently in your workspace.



New member
Sounds good Brian, If I am replacing parts. But in this case I am replacing whole assy within an assy and the by copy window is disabled for this...I would guess that it would work for replacing Parts only


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I'm not sure I understand the problem, but it sounds to me like Interchange Assemblies are the way to go.

1. Save a Copy of the subassembly you wish to replace.

2. Create an interchange assembly consisting of the original and the duplicate subassembly. Define Reference tags.

3. Then in the original (target) assembly, Replace By Interchange Assembly Member.

BTW, I haven't done Interchange Assemblies in WF yet. Where did they move the Replace command? Is it under Tools or Edit > Component Operations?


New member
the replace command is under edit menu or right click part/assy in model tree....I do not know how to create interchange this an add-on package? when i do replace the interchange command is greyed out


New member
The command is greyed out if the component you're trying to replace is not a member of an interchange assembly.

I'm not sure if interchange assemblies require a license beyond the foundation, but you could give it a shot.

1. File > New > Assembly > Interchange

2. Insert > Component > Add, pick original subasm

3. Insert > Component > Functional Component, pick copy of original subasm. Default constraint is easiest.

4. Define Reference Tags for assembly constraints.

Then you should be able to replace by interchange asm member.


New member
thanks, Jabba...I just tried it and YES i would need to order PRO/ASSEMBLY....this is terrible just to replace an assembly within a assembly..AND retain constraints i need to buy addon package.


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Not in semi-conductor industry and with this economy, am fighting to retain Pro-E maintenance support (at very least)


New member
Here is a trick I have used in the past. Keep in mind that this has to be done outside the confines of a your PDM.

Make a back-up of your new Frame assembly(the one you want to modify/spin off) in :/temp directory

->rename your new frame assembly that you just backed-up to be the same name as the old frame assembly -> open that frame assembly into session-> then go and open up the top level assembly that contained the old frame assembly->

At this point it should trick Pro into using the old constraints of the spun-off assembly because it will place it using the old references.

Once you have completed all of this go in and back-up this newly created assembly-> open up the backed up assembly and rename the frame subassembly as needed.

Please not you will need to have the frame drawing in session so it recognizes the renaming.

This work-around will work most of the time, I agree that an interchange assembly is the way to go but I have used this trick succesfully when it wasn't available.

This may sound confusing, if you'd like we can chat about it.