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Using quilts to cut in an assembly


New member
When using 2000 iProE I was able to cut a tube using another part that intersects by creating an offset surface on that reference part (set to zero offset) and then use that reference part in the assembly to trim the mating part using this offset (quilt).

Now I tried usingcutout command andthe fact that I am cutting with a tube confuses Wildfire and it leaves a portion of the cut piece intact.

Any ideas how I can do this (cut apart using anotherpartas an reference while inassembly mode)using Wildfire foundation.

All help is appreciated.
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New member
I went straight fron 2001 to Wildifre 2.0 but I suspect the methods are the same for Wildfire 1.0:

Select the surfaces you want to cut with / select Edit - Copy / select Edit - Paste (this will give you a quilt to cut with) / acitvate the part you want to cut / select the quilt / select Edit - Solidify / choose the cut with quilt icon on the dashboard and choose which side of the part to keep. This will make a part level cut using the quilt.