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Using Macros


New member
Does anyone know if it is possible to create a macro that records all the steps i use in creating a sketch so i could reuse it later? i've heard that other programs can do that.


Do you want all the steps leading up to the sketch? You can definately do that. If you want to reuse the sketch itself just save the sketch.

If you want to reuse an existing features sketch that wasn't saved you can rededine the feature, section, sketch and save the sketch while in section mode.


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i need to reuse the sketch. i saved it, but it is really complicated and gives me problems when i place it. if intent manager is on, it changes alot of my parameters. when i leave it off and try to regenerate, it keeps asking me to delete some parameters in order to work, but that also messes up my sketch. i was wondering if i could have the program record all the steps and just redo the steps again when i need it.


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If you dont plan on changing the sketch you could probably iges it out somehow. You wont have any issues with parameters or constraints that way.



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My friend you can't create such a macro, rather you should save info of your work. It contains all the clicks. I take a lot of help from this.



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u can have teh skectches as datum curves and use them when u need it instead of calling the sketches is the sketch repet


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You can use an sec (sketch) file.

You can create a sketch on it's own or save a sketch while in sketch mode whilst creating another feature.

Trick is to dimension everything within the sketch to sketcher entities:

View attachment 242

I usually use a pair of centerlines (one vert and one horiz) to dimension from as shown. These can then be aligned to datum planes.

Once you've got a sketch that can regen on it's own you can then Place Section (under Sec Tools) in sketcher.


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NP, instead of having a complicated sketch, can you break it into simpler pieces and features? I know how finicky and unruly sketcher can get with complicated geometry. I have never tried running a trail file in sketcher, but do see it is available as an option while in sketcher. A trail file is basically a macro of the steps you have taken in Pro/E. Trail files are created every time you start a Pro/E session. You would have to manipulate (edit) the trail file to get it to follow the steps you want it to take to create the section.


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Make sure your sketch (*.sec) is fully dimensioned and constrained first before using in an actual feature:

View attachment 240

Intent manager will then only have two dimensions or constraints to create for placement in a feature:

View attachment 241

This minimizes the number of (incorrect and undesirable) assumptions intent manager will make. Notice the two intent manager generated dimensions are not desired - user intent is for the centerlines to be dimensioned (ultimately aligned) to the datum-planes.

N.B. The use of centerlines in this manner (dimension refs) permit sketcher dimensions to be considered as two types:

1) Geometry dims (or constraints) - best to be internal (for ease of re-use and to minimize intent manager interference) to the sketch hence the use of the centerlines.

2) Sketch placement dims (or constraints) - these are always to some feature external to the sketch such as datum-planes.

This works well for both the old sketcher and intent manager..


New member
thanks for the tips everyone. i do use centerlines in my work.... actually i use alot of them. everything is constrained to these centerlines so that i could minimize problems later. i generally turn off intent manager when i place my sections because i can't seem to deal with what it does to my sketches. i get problems with my regeneration step when i place my section though. it always asks me to delete some constraints, constraints which i generally need.

as an alternative, i was trying to copy the whole feature as surfaces first, then make my cuts, but that seems to open another can of worms (i posted another message about this). i am worried now that my only other option is to recreate my complicated sketches several times so that i won't get these problems anymore.