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Using Intralink with remote sites - advice?



We're about to set up a remote site with Intralink & Pro/E. The dataserver & fileserver is in the UK, the new group of users is in France.

My question is:

- How would you recommend configuring Intralink for this remote group of users?

Ideally, they should have local files, but still linked into the main server.

Options I've looked at already:

1 - Use file server vault on French machine - Pro/E files stored locally, metadata stored in central dataserver.

2 - Cluster replication - copy data between the 2 servers.

3 - Package replication - seemingly not very reliable?

We're using Intralink 3.0 2001200.

Thanks for your help.

proed - I have seem folks using filevault replication very successfully. You do need a fast connection between the 2 sites so folks don't get to upset, though. So in your situation you would just replicate a vault in France and it's just like they are right down the hall from you. They still contact the server when they do anything it's just the actual electronic data is local. You can replicate whenever you like, once the initial replicaiton is done you only replicate what's checked in that day.
We actually ended up creating a separate Intralink commonspace in France - with their own products held locally.

They at least get a good response for checkins/checkouts, but still have to look at a remote server for other products...

We have a bunch of startup scripts that point the client to either the UK, US or French Intralink server, so they can log in & work with files for that area (with a separate workspace, etc)

I'd still like to hear if anyone else has a good workable solution to this kind of setup.



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