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Using existing drawing formats


New member
Like most Tier I automotive suppliers, the company I work for is forced to use several CAD applications, each with its own drawing format. Recently, we picked up a customer who's native system is Pro-e 2001.

Is there a way to import the drawing format from another system into Pro-e ? If I could skip the effort to create borders, title block, revision columns, etc., it would save a lot of time.

I assume I would have to recreate the parameters to define title block entries, etc as those are Pro-e specific.

thanx in advance...


The way we did ours:

- import IGES of layout / logos, etc..

- create new tables in the Pro/E format:

- descriptions

- ECN revs

- drawing no.

- etc...

You need to add the parameters in format tables to allow them to take on the value of each part/drawing, eg:






New member
Heres what I have done in the past,

Take one of their drawings, delete all of the views, etc, make it so its just the Format that you want to see. You can save it as a DXF and than create a new format use the Insert Data from file and bring in the DXF. If they follow the same scale all you need is one and rescale the DXF to each size you need otherwise you will have to export one from each size you need or want.

Once you do that then you need to modify the text in it so that it uses the ProE parameters. Just remember that there are no tables so entering text is not as easy. In a few cases I created tables on the format using the intersection as the starting points, that way table entry is a little easier.