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using chart to input holes into model


New member
like the subject line suggests - I am modeling a existing part from a 2d drawing. flat plat with over 300 holes. in the end there will be a hole chart. can I enter all the holes into a spreadsheet and import it into the model and have the holes generate on these locations?


Make sure Part_Table_Editor is set to EXCEL. Create one hole, then pattern it with a table. Copy and paste your spreadsheet into excel, making sure the culumns line up.
Sorry I re-read my original post and I'm not being clear enough.

maybe I don't understand what you are suggesting... however if each hole has a co-ordinate from a datum

ie, hole ID 265 ,x 13.705,y .35

ID 266, x 12.45, y 1.65

etc, etc

can I enter all the x,y data in excel for the 300 holes and have pro/e take it in and generate the holes?

What I am saying is to create your first hole manually. Dimension it to X and Y. Then select FEATURE/PATTERN. Then select the hole. Select IDENTICAL/TABLE, and then select the X and Y dimensions(in the correct order so that it lines up with your spreadsheet). Then you can select READ, and pick the spreadsheet you set up. Or you can select ADD, then name the table and edit manually using copy/paste.

The first culumn in your spreadsheet should be the number/name of the hole, the second the X dimension, and the third the Y dimension.

Make sure Part_Table_Editor is set to EXCEL.

This will ensure Excel opens when you edit your patterns.