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Using a non-ProE graphic file to create a datum curve


New member
I'm trying to get my company's logo into ProE so I can build a label around it. I know I can add it as a texture but that can't be seen in a drawing for the label vendor. I would like to add it so that it can be seen in the part, assy, drawing and so that I can easily scale or move it. I have the original .eps file but I can convert that to anything else Photoshop can output. There is even a section on about logos but each part starts out with, obtain an IGES of the logo, well, where do I get the IGES? Creating a datum curve from file can be done with .ibl, .igs, or .vda.

Thank you in advance.

There is a program we have used for a similar problem. I can't remember if the name is VectorRast or RastVector. It basically converts the image from rasters to vectors which can then be imported into Pro.

I have ran into this problem many times also. I have tried using various conversion programs before with limited success depending on the complexity and quality of the image file.

I have found this method to give me the most useful results.

1. Import the image file (bmp,jpg,tiff, etc.) into a drawing as an object and then using the sketching tools trace around the logo as best as possible.

2. Export the drawing as an IGES file.

3. Import this data to make a datum curve (or sketch). Depending on how good your tracing is or complexity you can use this curve as is or use the imported curve as a template to again trace over to create another curve which you can make a much cleaner and modifiable curve.

Now you will have a curve in which you can modify or scale to any size you need.
Perfect, I downloaded RasterVect from and used it to convert a .tif to .dxf. I imported that into ProE as a part, added some datum planes and now I can pull it into my assembly and move it around very easily. To scale I just Scale Model since it's a part. Thanks for the help.


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