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using a Design Table


New member
Hi all

I am creating a guarding system made of similar panels.

i have been advised that a design table may be benificial.

i have created a master panel. With a parameter for panel number (linked tothe part number)and a parameter for the width of the part, both of these are linked to a design table. when i change the table the part changes fine.

now what do i do with the part to put it into an assembly?

is it possible to have different variations of the same part in the same assy?

or do i have the wrong end of the stick with all of this?
You can save each configuration as a part or even better create a catalog.
...then you can insert them in any assembly
Thanks for the reply

i have sorted it now. as a panel consisted of a product i could not use a catolouge.

also each panel would be unique in width so there was no reuse of panels, plus it would have caused problems if i needed to change a part of one panel.

instead i created a Design table of a product with variable width only. placeing a new from into the assembly.
un-fortunalty i cannot view videos here (@ WORK)

i will be sure to check this out at home though.

thanks a bunch bud =)


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