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User Parameter input upon opening start part


Hello all,

Is it possible to have a start part (with user-defined local parmemeters that are already established with nul values) that will prompt the user for the input of all of the local parameter values upon the opening of the start part? I know that formats can be set up to do this, however and I am wondering if the same thing exists in part mode. My goal is to develop a start part that will prompt the user to enter part modeling specific information that will then later be called into a drawing / format. I'm using 2001

I have a sheet metal start part that does just that. When a user starts a new sheet metal part and enters all the required Intralink data, he/she sees the three datums and a 3D note asking them to enter MTL and ISR data into the paramenters dialog box. Is this what you're after? I'm in Wildfire and basically all this is is in your start part set up the parameters with zeros and then create a 3D note (which is turned on by default in the sheet metal start part) that tells the users to 'imput material thickness'.

Steve C
I set my options as such:


START_MODEL_DIR Z:\start_parts (or appropriate path)

Then, in your start part (template), designate which parameters you would like to input when you create a new part. You will find this under Set Up > Parameters > Designate.

I get something that looks like this:

View attachment 273

You can enter in the parameter values, and then Pro/E will create a new part.

You are a Pro/GENIOUS! That is exactly what I needed! Thanks for the tip! And thanks swcalvert for your input too