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User frustrations/expletives


New member
Just wonering if anyone has any funny stories over users losing all patience with proe....

been using it for a while now but can remeber trying to learn it whist at college with no help and regularly wanting to throw the monitor out of the window...

Have got more patient over the years now so generally try not to swear at it when something falls over/doesnt work even tho you done it a million times before

i work with a couple of guys who if we introduced a swear box would probably pay all their wages into it

just wondered how other people get on with the frustrations of work arounds etc
thats pretty cool

must be a fairly cheap way of maxing out your beta testing as well

I know some PTC advisory/beta people and they do get asked what should be improved from release to release, just dont get everthing fixed in one go as it takes time to implement so many when PTC can have a new version to sell

dont stop the bugs getting in tho :-o
Go over and check out Solidworks unmonitored newsgroup comp.cad.Solidworks and read all the hatred threads on bugs and being beta testers.

They even pulled the latest service pack (sp2) off there website after it was on there for 2 days.

Solidworks software has alot of great little functions but the software CTD all the time and is slower than 2003.

I'll take the bugs in ProE over Solidworks anyday. I haven't crashed in ProE for about 6 months and that was 1 time
You learn through time, if it takes more than 10 minutes and you fail, think outside the box and try another way. There is more than one way to skin a cat and Pro/E has many ways of accomplishing the same objective.

Pro/E is not a simple piece of software to learn. Every release becomes more complicated because of additions. Keeping up with the additions is nearly impossible.

The first place I go to get answers is here at Pro/E Central. No one knows everything, but someone possibly knows the answer to your dilemna. Learning where to find the answers is a great way to avoid banging my head off the wall :)