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Use parametric model with complex fillets


New member
Hello, Every body

At first, I'm so lucky to corresponding with you.

I have a problem in using formula for a part model with some complex fillet.

The fillets doesen't move or patternwith formulized distances,

How can I solve this problem?
Hi, Dicksham

Actually, I want to know, how can I pattern a fillet in part design feature with Rectangular Pattern option generally? (Without using fillet in sketcher)

Thank you for your reply,

Edited by: Peyman
we add fillets on edges/faces, and so the fillets cannot exist alone and they are dependent features. We cannot make a pattern of just one fillet feature.

Suppose we want to make a pattern of holes with fillets, multi-select these two features (hole & fillet) on the tree first, then click "rectangular pattern" icon. The "objects to pattern" will be these two features, not all features of "Partbody".


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