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use of intralink.

Krishna Pawar

New member

I have one query :

We use pro-e wildfire2. we work for the companies which are located at different places on the globe. We want to useintralink forour design. some of the standard parts are available with the parent company and we need to develop the further design. hence we need to access that company's data ( like .prt and .asm files)

how is it possible ? what software/ hardware do we need?

can somebody guide me ?


Active member
Pro/Intralink 3.4 F001 Multisite license and Windchill Partslink v7 F000

All you need is these two modules.



New member
We supportcustomers that use Pro/I in the US with their data server existing in Europe or some other location.

You will need a machine to be the Intralink data server. This can also act as the file server. If you have other locations that want towork in the Pro/I environment, then I would recommend setting up those remote locations with their own replicated file server.

Pro/I 3.3 or 3.4 are best for this scenario. 3.4 requires more RAM in support of the new Oracle version.

If these other locations do not want to work in Pro/I then you can import their files and continue in your own environment.