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Use of 3DXML in intranetsite


New member
I want to make an intranet site with a webpage which contains a 3dxml object. The 3dxml object must change depending on the webadress parameters. (eg. htpp://...../index.html?path=F:\User\FBN\3dxml\HTML\Samples\sample.3dxml)

This almost works fine except there is still one thing, the files must be located on the webserver and files available elsewhere on the intranet can not be found.

Because the 3dxml internet plugin change the path "F:\User\FBN\3dxml\HTML\Samples\sample.3dxml" to "http://localhost/DXML/.\F:\User\FBN\3dxml\HTML\Samples\samp le.3dxml"

which won't work of course. Is there a way to make the viewer aware this is a local file? Or is my approach wrong?




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