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Use Mechanism to move part up slope?


We have many assemblies where most parts are cylindrical (oil/offshoreindustry) - and keys move up and down on sloped shoulders, etc.. The image should help explain (note: outer body hidden for clarity).

View attachment 758

I'm trying to replicate this movement with Mechanism - experimenting with Cams, Slots, etc... haven't found a neat solution yet...

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks in advance



yeah pretty easy.

1. on the part that does the upand down sliding place a point on the leading bottem chamfer.(part-a)

2 on the part that moves from left to right create a datum curve
that goes along its surface (left to right ) (just use edit
->intersect-> select the datum and surfaces"



part-b default

part-a planar connection to that (left to right motion)

slot connection.

connect the point in part-a to the datum curve on part-b


plane to plane


if you have trouble upload ur files :)

how does one get a cool job like that :)

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