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URGENT - JPEG used for basis of a Datum Curve

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I think I know the answer to this but will ask it anyway.

Can you import a JPEG image into a part model to use as

the basis for the outline of a datum curve?



Sort of:

1) Create a flat surface the same dimensions of your original JPEG image. Make sure you are looking straight at the surface before continuing!

2) go to View, Model Setup, Color and Appearance & create a new color (click hthe add button)

3) under the Detail tab, choose the Map button next to either the Texture or the Decal slider.

4) Browse to your JPEG

5) a set of sliders will come up that allow you to adjust the X & Y zoom of the image on the surface.

This is not dimensionally accurate, but it's the only way I know.

In bile matter you can trace sketch in ISDX.

In other versions you can place an image on a surface as a decal but you have no control over the aspect ratio of the image so this is next to useless.

You can also do a raster-vector conversion (try ) and save the vector as a dwg file. Insert the dwg into a drawing then save as an IGES and import that into a prt or asm.
cadsculptor and dougr,

Thanks for the speedy replies...I had success using both approaches.
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