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Uploading the Files into forum


New member
I wonder how to upload the catia file i've made (e.g catia tutorial, catia sketch, catia sample atc), because i ddidn't know how to do it.

Could you direct me how to upload step by step, i have it tried but totally failed.

thanks in million,

Hii dude

before that i woluld like to know that what type of files,u wanna upload in CATIA...

if those r CATIA files,than

just open all those files in CATIA v5....and give links where ever u going

I have catia materials including the followings:

catia v5 r17 sp3 Software 2CD
catia v5 r17 Help document 4CD
CATIA v5r17 Training 20CD
catia v5 A-class surfaces, Reverse engineering,advanced video courses with demonstrations of car 15CD .
Otherwise there are some other training courses, 20CD.

These CDs are not for free. If anyone needs, please email to [email protected].

The above URL are just part of demostrations. This is my e-shop.


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