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Upgrading to Win 2000 Pro from Win NT


New member
I would like to know if doing an upgrade of Win 2000 would be as good as doing a a full formatting and fresh install of Win 2000.

Is Pro/E unstable with just an upgrade or would it run fine. Just like to see if anyone ever had any problems


Hi Brian!

I sincerely advise you not to upgrade to WIN NT Pro and then try running Pro-e on that platform. It'll definetly make you go bald!! It's given me a lot of headaches. I had to finally reformat my hard drive and install WIN 98 on which Pro-E 2001 is running perfectly.

I didn't wish to take chances with Win NT therefore I can't comment on it.

In my experience, 'upgrading' an OS is never as clean or as smooth as reformatting and installing from scratch...

Pro/E should run just fine either way.

As far as Win2000 goes, it's a great Pro/E platform.

-Brian Adkins